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Yemen's economy is an underdeveloped free market economy with limited state control. The economy's main exports are cotton, coffee, and dried and salted fish, but oil remains by far the largest single contributor to the national economy. Agricultural products account for one-fifth of GDP. Industry and mining, which are concentrated in Masila in the north and Ma'rib in the south, account for approximately one-fifth of GDP. Limited manufacturing, retail trade, and services are centered in the urban centers of Sanaa and Aden. Because of its limited productive capacity and industrial base, the country is heavily dependent on imported goods and on foreign debt relief and assistance to sustain its struggling economy. A large number of Yemen tenders are invited from Education services.

Tenders in Yemen

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Procurement Of Polyethylene Pipes And Fittings
Tender Notice » Plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles » Tubes, pipes and hoses
Location : Yemen
Due Date:09 Jun 2018View Details

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