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Russia Tenders

Russia today has a diversified economy, but its most important sector is the sale of raw materials and primary commodities such as oil, timber, and gold. Russia is well-contended with natural resources and raw materials and ranks among the world's leading producers of petroleum and gas, copper, manganese, bauxite, graphite, uranium, titanium, gold, silver, and platinum. Oil export earnings have allowed Russia to increase its foreign reserves to the third largest reserves in the world. The government of Russia is improving its corporate governance, diversifying the economy, building human capital, and encouraging the growth of small and medium enterprises. Business tenders from Russia are in great demand from electrical machinery and consultancy services.

Tenders in Russia

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Support And Development Of The State Supervision And Control Over Observance Of Labor Legislation In 2017 An Automated Information System
Tender Notice » Software programming and consultancy services » Software Maintenance and Migration
Location : Russia
Due Date:19 Dec 2017View Details
Provision Of Services For Compulsory Insurance Of Civil Liability Of Vehicle Owners (ctp)
Tender Notice » Liability insurance services » Motor vehicle liability insurance services
Location : Russia
Due Date:18 Dec 2017View Details
Delivery Of Vouchers
Tender Notice » Printing services of vouchers » Printing services of luncheon vouchers
Location : Russia
Due Date:19 Dec 2017View Details
Procurement Of Pipes
Procurement Forecast » Construction work for dams, ca... » Construction work for dams and...
Location : Russia
Tentative Date:31 Oct 2017View Details
Provision Of Coal
Tender Notice » Coal-based fuels » Hard coal
Location : Russia
Due Date:06 Sep 2017View Details
Consultancy Services To Support The Project Management Unit And Provide Site Operator Services And Design Supervision
Procurement Forecast » Energy and related services » Electrical services
Location : Russia
Tentative Date:01 Sep 2017View Details
Finally An Energy Service Contract For The Implementation Of Measures Aimed At Energy Conservation And Energy Efficiency Use Of Energy Resources Sfax Chechulinskaya School
Tender Notice » Energy and related services » Energy-efficiency consultancy services
Location : Russia
Due Date:31 Dec 2023View Details
Services On Carrying Out Of Obligatory Annual Audit Of Financial Statements
Tender Notice » Auditing services » Financial auditing services
Location : Russia
Due Date:01 Apr 2018View Details
The Provision Of Liability Insurance Services (ctp) Cbm Ulges As The Vehicle Owner
Tender Notice » Liability insurance services » Motor vehicle liability insurance services
Location : Russia
Due Date:02 Feb 2019View Details
The Supply Of Cable Joints For Voltage Up To 35kv
Tender Notice » Cable accessories » Cable joints, Jointing Kits
Location : Russia
Due Date:28 Jan 2019View Details

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