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Request for Tender

A request for tender or tender offer commonly abbreviated to RFT is a structured invitation to suppliers for the supply of products and/or services. An RFT is an open invitation for suppliers to respond to a defined need as opposed to a request being sent to potential suppliers. The RFT usually requests information required from a RFI. This will usually cover not only product and service offerings, but will also include information about the suitability of the business.

An RFT advertises the opportunities likely to be available to suppliers. In certain countries, it is required that every business opportunity be advertised through an RFT. In the European Union (EU), for example, any business transaction that exceeds 200,000 US dollars (USD) is required to have an RFT.

The Request for Tender outlines what is required, the contractual requirements and how you should respond. The Request for Tender is usually comprised of:

1. Conditions of Tender which may include:
  • - an explanation of the evaluation criteria to be used to evaluate tenders;
  • - information on any relevant government policies;
  • - closing time, date and place of lodgement;
  • - the Conditions for Participation (mandatory requirements);
  • - the point in the purchasing cycle when a debriefing interview will be available;
  • - guidance on the formal purchasing complaint process.

2. A specification that describes the product, service or works required. The specification should be clear, accurate and complete.

3. Conditions of Contract

4. Tender Response Schedules
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