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Provision For Service Of Motor Repair And Overhaul.
Procurement Forecast » Maintenance and repair service...
Location: Brunei
Tentative Date:31 Oct 2017View Details
Procurement of Water Meters and Ancillary Goods
Tender Notice » Tubes, pipes and hollow profiles
Location: Romania
Due Date:22 Jun 2017View Details
Repair And Maintenance Service
Procurement Forecast » Repair and maintenance service...
Location: Sweden
Tentative Date:24 Dec 2017View Details
Consultancy Services For Postage And Courier
Procurement Forecast » Multi-modal courier services
Location: Uganda
Tentative Date:20 Oct 2017View Details
Borrowing Nature And Quantity Of The Campus Backbone Information System Set
Tender Notice » Information Technology Consult...
Location: Japan
Due Date:08 Dec 2017View Details
Roslagsbostäder and campus roslagen year contract painting work.
Procurement Forecast » Painting work
Location: Sweden
Tentative Date:06 Jul 2017View Details
Supply Of Linen And Protective Clothing
Tender Notice » Fire and Heat Protective Clothing
Location: Ghana
Due Date:31 Mar 2017View Details
Provision of Electrification Package Bhigvan Solapur
Tender Notice » Electrical wiring and fitting work
Location: India
Due Date:30 Jun 2018View Details
Supply of Magnets
Procurement Forecast » Magnets
Location: United Kingdom
Tentative Date:22 Jun 2017View Details
Supply Of Electricity
Procurement Forecast » Electricity distribution
Location: Uganda
Tentative Date:20 Oct 2017View Details
P3 Notice - Kentucky Horse Park Food/beverage & Catering
Tender Notice » Catering services for private households
Location: United States
Due Date:10 Apr 2017View Details
Lviv District Heating Project.
Procurement Forecast » District heating
Location: Ukraine
Tentative Date:13 May 2017View Details
Content Management System.
Procurement Forecast » Content Management System (CMS)
Location: Finland
Tentative Date:23 Jul 2017View Details
Maintenance of telematic monitoring system.
Procurement Forecast » Repair and maintenance service...
Location: Czech Republic
Tentative Date:06 Jul 2017View Details
Provision of Artificial joints
Procurement Forecast » Artificial joints
Location: Bulgaria
Tentative Date:10 Jun 2017View Details
Transformation Loreley Plateau - Concrete, Reinforced Concrete And Masonry Work.
Procurement Forecast » Masonry work
Location: Germany
Tentative Date:21 Sep 2017View Details
Provision For Fms Development
Procurement Forecast » Information Technology Consult...
Location: South Africa
Tentative Date:31 Oct 2017View Details
Actuarial Services For The Stanley G. Tate Florida Prepaid College Program
Tender Notice » Actuarial services
Location: United States
Due Date:01 Jul 2017View Details
Construction Of A 4-stance Vip Latrine At Muyinayina P/s.
Procurement Forecast » Public conveniences
Location: Uganda
Tentative Date:20 Oct 2017View Details
Substance misuse community rehabilitation and psychosocial interventions service.
Procurement Forecast » Services provided by medical personnel
Location: United Kingdom
Tentative Date:30 Apr 2017View Details
Ryan White Hiv/aids Program States/territories Part B Supplemental Grant Program
Tender Notice » Community action programme
Location: United States
Due Date:17 May 2017View Details
Regional Bus Services In Line Bundle Oldenburg North.
Tender Notice » Public transport services by bus
Location: Germany
Due Date:06 Sep 2017View Details
Supply Of 20no 3 Seater Desks ,kammengo S/c, Procurement Of Laptop To Kammengo S/c
Procurement Forecast » Laptop personal computers
Location: Uganda
Tentative Date:20 Oct 2017View Details
Providing Telecommunication Services
Procurement Forecast » Telecommunications services
Location: Brunei
Tentative Date:31 Oct 2017View Details
Procurement Of 2000 Trees
Procurement Forecast » Plants
Location: Uganda
Tentative Date:20 Oct 2017View Details
Happongi mountain radar rain gauge base station equipment
Tender Notice » Rain gauges/Rainfall recorders
Location: Japan
Due Date:15 Mar 2018View Details
General Procurement Notice For Supply Of Refuse Skips
Procurement Forecast » Plastic refuse containers
Location: Uganda
Tentative Date:20 Oct 2017View Details
Procurement Of Medical Supplies For Murchison Bay Hospital
Procurement Forecast » Disposable medical consumables
Location: Uganda
Tentative Date:20 Oct 2017View Details
Provision Of Telecommunications Equipment And Supplies
Procurement Forecast » Telecommunications equipment
Location: United Kingdom
Tentative Date:12 Oct 2017View Details
Term Contract For The Purchase Of Warehouse Stock Of Classroom And Art Supplies
Tender Notice » Office supplies
Location: United States
Due Date:08 Nov 2017View Details
Electrical Wiring And Fitting Work
Procurement Forecast » Electrical wiring and fitting work
Location: Germany
Tentative Date:23 Dec 2017View Details
Provision Of Power Sector Recovery Project
Procurement Forecast » Renewable Energy/Clean Energy consultancy
Location: Sao Tome and Principe
Tentative Date:29 Sep 2017View Details
Subsea Installation Work
Procurement Forecast » Subsea equipment
Location: Brunei
Tentative Date:31 Jan 2018View Details
Elaborate Logistics And Store Management Manual
Procurement Forecast » Logistics services
Location: Rwanda
Tentative Date:16 Dec 2017View Details
Software Programming Consultancy Services.
Procurement Forecast » SCADA Software
Location: Denmark
Tentative Date:20 Dec 2017View Details
Advance procurement notice-2016-17-st-jean garrison and related satellite sites
Tender Notice » Construction work for military buildings and installations
Location: Canada
Due Date:31 Mar 2017View Details
Procurement Plan For Printing Of Knowledge produc
Procurement Plan » Printing services of books
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Due Date:14 Sep 2017View Details
Provision Of Ecotourism/marketing Expert
Procurement Forecast » Administrative services relate...
Location: China
Tentative Date:12 Sep 2017View Details
Retrofitting marina petrov crane for lifting vessels.
Procurement Forecast » Cranes
Location: Czech Republic
Tentative Date:06 Jul 2017View Details
Provision Of Metalworking
Procurement Forecast » Installation of metal joinery ...
Location: Germany
Tentative Date:19 Oct 2017View Details
Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Programme — Market Engagement.
Procurement Forecast » Company health services
Location: United Kingdom
Tentative Date:03 Jan 2018View Details
Repair And Reinforcement Of Concrete Structures On The A31 / A5 And A36.
Procurement Forecast » Concrete work
Location: France
Tentative Date:10 Nov 2017View Details

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