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Gambia's economy is largely dependent on the export of peanuts and their by products and the re-exporting of imported foreign goods to other African nations. About three quarters of the population is employed in agriculture. Rice, millet, sorghum, corn, and cassava are grown for subsistence, and cattle, sheep, and goats are raised. There is also a fishing industry. The main industrial activities center around the processing of agricultural products and some light manufacturing. Besides peanut products, dried and smoked fish, cotton lint, palm kernels, and hides and skins are exported foodstuffs, manufactures, fuel, machinery, and transportation equipment are imported. India, Great Britain, China, and Senegal are the country's leading trading partners. A large number of Gambia tenders and RFP's floats from Agricultural and Consultancy Services.

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Procurement Of Other Drugs And Health Products
Tender Notice » Pharmaceutical products » Drugs
Location : Gambia
Due Date:28 Nov 2017View Details

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