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The economy of East Timor is largely agricultural and was one of the world's poorest nations at independence, it has offshore oil and gas fields in the Timor Gap off East Timor's southern coast that are under development and have begun to produce revenue. Coffee (the main export), rice, corn, cassava, sweet potatoes, soybeans, cabbage, mangoes, bananas, and vanilla orchids are grown, and stretches of grassland support cattle. Industry is limited to printing, light manufacturing, and the production of handicrafts and woven cloth. Coffee, sandalwood, and marble are among East Timor's exports, and food, gasoline, kerosene, and machinery are imported. Most trade is with Indonesia, although natural gas is piped to Australia. A large number of East Timor tenders and RFP's floats from Consultancy, Education, Health and Social work sector.

Tenders in East Timor

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Supply Gps Devise With Necessary Installation Material
Tender Notice » Sextants » Global Positioning System(GPS)
Location : East Timor
Due Date:02 Nov 2017View Details

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