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Cyprus has a market based economy. The economy mainly depends on tourism and financial sectors. Fishing is an important industry in the Turkish sector, and the Greek side has a strong manufacturing economy that produces building materials, textiles, metal, wood, paper, stone and clay products. There is also food and beverage processing, ship repair, and petroleum refining. Mineral resources include copper, pyrites, asbestos, gypsum, and salt. Exports include citrus, potatoes, pharmaceuticals, clothing, and cigarettes from the Greek side and citrus, dairy products, potatoes, and textiles from the Turkish side. Both sides import consumer goods, fuel, machinery, transportation equipment, and foodstuffs. The main trading partners are Greece, Great Britain, France, and Germany. A large number of Cyprus tenders and RFP's float from Consultancy and Education services.

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Safety Education Services
Procurement Forecast » Higher education services » Safety education services
Location : Cyprus
Tentative Date:17 Dec 2017View Details

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