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Chile has a dynamic market-oriented economy characterized by a high level of foreign trade. Copper is the nation's most valuable resource, and Chile is the world's largest producer. The Vale of Chile is the country's primary agricultural area, its vineyards are the basis of Chile's wine industry. Livestock production includes beef and poultry. Fishing and lumbering are also important economic activities. Chile's industries largely process its raw materials and manufacture various consumer goods. The major products are copper and other minerals, processed food, fish meal, iron and steel, wood, transportation equipment, and textiles. Chile's main imports are petroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, electrical and telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, vehicles, and natural gas. In addition to minerals, it also exports fruit, fish and fish products, paper and pulp, chemicals, and wine. A large number of Chile tenders and RFP's float from Consultancy and Software Services.

Tenders in Chile

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Provision Of Canoeing Articles
Tender Notice » Various office equipment and supplies » Office supplies
Location : Chile
Due Date:29 Dec 2017View Details
Combustible Supply Year 2017
Tender Notice » Petroleum oils and preparations » Fuel oils
Location : Chile
Due Date:26 Dec 2017View Details
Impression Of Training Programs
Tender Notice » Education & Training Services » Training services
Location : Chile
Due Date:28 Nov 2020View Details
Purchase Of 01 System Of Videoendoscopia
Tender Notice » Operating technics » Endoscopy, endosurgery devices
Location : Chile
Due Date:27 Nov 2020View Details
Tender Notice » Textile fabrics and related items » Cloth
Location : Chile
Due Date:21 Nov 2020View Details
Rating Dependencies Ex- Center Of Diagnosis
Tender Notice » Building construction work » Construction work for building...
Location : Chile
Due Date:09 Nov 2020View Details
Acquisition Clothes
Tender Notice » Textile fabrics and related items » Cloth
Location : Chile
Due Date:19 Oct 2020View Details
Respiratory System
Tender Notice » Medical Devices and Instruments » Therapy
Location : Chile
Due Date:11 Oct 2020View Details
Acquisition Of A Inflatable Boat
Tender Notice » Ships and boats » Ships
Location : Chile
Due Date:11 Oct 2020View Details
Tender Notice » Passenger cars » Specialist vehicles
Location : Chile
Due Date:26 Sep 2020View Details
Building Construction Works
Tender Notice » Works for complete or part con... » Building construction work
Location : Chile
Due Date:15 Sep 2020View Details
Lab Equipments
Tender Notice » Instruments for checking physi... » Detection and analysis apparatus
Location : Chile
Due Date:31 Aug 2020View Details

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