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Bosnia And Herzegovina Tenders

Bosnia and Herzegovina's economy was shattered by the civil war that broke out after independence. Historically, the economy has depended on agriculture, although it now provides less than half of the country's food needs. Wheat, corn, oats, and barley are the principal products of Bosnia and tobacco, cotton, fruits, and grapes of Herzegovina. Livestock is also raised. Mining is important, and there are significant deposits of lignite, iron ore, bauxite, copper, lead, zinc, manganese, and other minerals. Vehicle and aircraft assembly, oil refining, and the manufacture of steel, textiles, tobacco products, wooden furniture, and domestic appliances are important. There has been some development of the country's hydroelectric resources. Metals, clothing, and wood products are exported, and machinery, chemicals, fuels, and foodstuffs are imported. The main trading partners are Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, and Germany. A large number of Bolivia tenders and RFP's float from Consultancy Services, Agricultural, forestry and other related services.

Tenders in Bosnia And Herzegovina

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Provision Of South Eastern Europe And Balkans West Balkans Drina River Basin Mgmt
Procurement Forecast » Environmental services » Environment consultancy services
Location : Bosnia And Herzegovina
Tentative Date:31 Jan 2018View Details
Plava Voda Regional Water Supply Project
Procurement Forecast » Ancillary works for pipelines ... » Ancillary works for water pipe...
Location : Bosnia And Herzegovina
Tentative Date:09 Nov 2017View Details
Construction Of Water Intake Structures At The Plava Voda Spring Together With Chlorination Station In Travnik
Pre Qualification » Works related to water-distribution pipelines » Pumping station
Location : Bosnia And Herzegovina
Due Date:04 Nov 2017View Details
Road Sector Modernization Program
Procurement Forecast » Surface work for roads » Paving works
Location : Bosnia And Herzegovina
Tentative Date:27 Sep 2017View Details
Federation Road Sector Modernization Project
Procurement Forecast » Construction work for highways... » Road construction works
Location : Bosnia And Herzegovina
Tentative Date:26 Sep 2017View Details

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