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Tenders Hellotrade is one of the renowned and trusted international tender notices resources engaged in providing authentic information on international tenders, global tenders, procurement notices, international projects information and more. Tenders Hellotrade is also a worldwide platform, which provides complete information regarding public & private tenders, international competitive bidding, government tenders, RFQ's, RFP's, EOI, RFI, worldwide tenders, pre-qualification and contract awards issued from different corporate, government, public and private organizations based across the world.

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Provision Of Diplomatic Pouch And Express Mail Services
Pre Qualification » Postal services related to parcels
Location : Western Sahara
Due Date: 15 Oct 2014 View Details
Provision Of Surgical Implants
Procurement Forecast » Surgical implants
Location : Italy
Tentative Date: 05 Oct 2014 View Details
Provision Of Consultants Agroeconomist Engineer Junior
Pre Qualification » Business-development consultancy services
Location : Sao Tome and Principe
Due Date: 26 Oct 2014 View Details
United States 35th Ave And Mcrae St Upgrade Wisconsin St To Spenard Rd
Project Information » Transistors
Location : Falkland Islands
Due Date: 31 Oct 2014 View Details
Supply And Distribution Of Essential Drugs
Tender Notice » Drugs
Location : Mali
Due Date: 06 Oct 2014 View Details
Purchase Of Tires For Tankers Branch Yemen Petroleum Company Taiz Branch
Tender Notice » Tyres for trucks
Location : Yemen
Due Date: 06 Oct 2014 View Details
Technique For Funding Of Presar And Assistance For Development Renewable Energy
Procurement Forecast » Renewable Energy/Clean Energy consultancy
Location : Guinea-Bissau
Tentative Date: 23 Oct 2014 View Details
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"Thank you for providing us with excellent hands-on support in important tenders. Most importantly, we now have a far better understanding of the art of tendering."

"Tenders Hellotrade is a good place to get accurate and genuine information about tenders from all parts of the world. Whats best about their service is that unlike other sites they do not mail spam or other unwanted tender notices but only the ones specified."

"Thank you for providing us with excellent hands-on support in important tenders. Most importantly, we now have a far better understanding of the art of tendering."


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Primarily designed to support you, Hellotrade Tenders provides International Tenders, Procurement Notices within the shortest time frame. Using successful methods, it answers your questions and informs you about upcoming developments on Tenders. We are available by phone & email to answer the smallest of your queries.

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